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    Vijeo Citect

    Kontrolný software

    Spoľahlivý, flexibilný a výkonný vizualizačný SCADA softvér Vijeo Citect

    Vijeo Citect

    Vijeo Citect

          Vijeo Citect : Presentation

          Vijeo CitectTM is the operating and monitoring component of Schneider Electric’s PlantStruxureTM.

          With its powerful display capabilities and its operational features, it delivers actionable insight faster, enabling operators to respond quickly to process disturbances, thereby increasing their efficiency. With its easy-to-use configuration tools and powerful features you can quickly develop and implement solutions for any size application.

          Vijeo Citect offers all the functions of a modern supervisor. Its distributed clientserver architecture is applicable to a multitude of applications in the following markets:
          • Oil & Gas
          • Mining, Minerals, Metals
          • Water & Wastewater
          • Power
          • Food and beverage

          Its flexibility also makes it suitable for numerous other application areas, such as infrastructures.

          Vijeo Citect offers total redundancy for all the components of the system. The redundancy functions are fully integrated in the system, providing exceptional performance and intuitive configuration.